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The church where healers are hard at work

글쓴이 : 관리자 날짜 : 2019-02-25 (월) 11:04 조회 : 112
설교일 : 2019.02.24
설교자 : Rev. Eung Yong Kim
본문말씀 : 1 Samuel 20:12-16

February 24, 2019


The church where healers are hard at work

1 Samuel 20:12-16


Rev. Eung Yong Kim’s sermon at the KUMC of Metro Detroit


< I want to share a well-known story from Dr. Soo Gwan Hwang.

 A person couldn’t take it anymore and went up to the rooftop of a building to end his life. Then, on the rooftop of another building, he spotted a couple with no arms dancing. He was so baffled by the sight that he had to ask them what made them so happy enough to dance. Their reply was that they weren’t dancing at all but scratching each other’s back by twisting their backs together. After hearing their explanation, he began to reflect upon his own situation. Touched by their endurance and positive spirit, he had to give up on his plan of committing a suicide. >


There are many people whose lives were torn apart by someone’s hurtful remarks. I have heard from them how painful those hurts are and how hard it is to forget those words. I also know many people who are smiling outside, but have deep hurts inside. I have witnessed in my ministry that too many people are suffering from wounded hearts.


In my former church, there was a young woman who had lived with an extremely wounded heart. When she was in middle school, her father sexually assaulted her friend who was visiting her. Consequently, he went to jail and her mother left the home after getting a divorce. Then,  she and younger sister were passed from one relative to another. Having lost her anchor and aimlessly wandering about, she happened to go into a church near a relative’s house. There, she was warmly welcomed by a woman who turned out to be the pastor’s wife. When she met me, she said, “Pastor, if I didn’t meet the pastor’s wife at that time, I wouldn’t be here. She was the healer God had sent to me!”


Today, I want to talk to you about two types of people among us. There are many who have been hurt in their lives and are suffering from emotional pain. On the other hand, there are also those who heal the suffering people and comfort them and raise them up, and we call these people the healers. In reality, these healers are not really healing anyone but channeling the healing and restoring hand of God by wiping the tears off of those suffering people.


What kind of place a church should be?

What kind of church are you dreaming about?

Or, what kind of place the church that God has founded should be?


I believe that a church is where the healers are working hard at healing, and today’s passage delivers us this message.


1.  There are healers among us.


In today’s passage, we meet a healer. David is facing the murderous threat from King Saul and suffering from the anxiety, and there is a person who consoles and comforts him. He is Jonathan, but things get quite complicated when we realize who Jonathan is. He is the eldest son of King Saul. He is comforting David against his father’s wishes. He is taking good care of the political enemy of his father who could also be the strongest competitor against him for the throne.


We have this question regarding Jonathan. Was he ignorant of the ways of the world? No, he was not. He was a healer and was seeing other people with the eyes of God. Jonathan could read David’s pain and wanted to heal him of his sufferings. Therefore, Jonathan was a healer.


Jonathan was not the only healer. There is the true healer for all of us.


Henri Nouwen called Jesus ‘the Wounded Healer’.

‘But He was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon Him, and by His wounds we are healed.’ (Isaiah 53:5)


Bearing the cross, Jesus was led to Calvary hill, while being whipped, pierced by sword and suffering deep wounds. Why did the Son of God have to be so hurt and insulted? It was for the purpose of healing all of us. In order to be the true healer, Jesus experienced all the hurts we humans go through. That is why Henri Nouwen called Jesus ‘the Wounded Healer’. How could He be the true healer without realizing the pains of other people?


I hope and pray that the pattern of your faith will be changed by today’s sermon.

How are you being changed by your regular church attendance?

A lot of people come to church hoping to receive the blessings of God to be prosperous in business and to ensure a successful life for each of their children and for themselves.

But do you know what a true blessing is?

The true blessing is not to receive the blessings for yourself, but to have those around yourself be blessed.

Do you remember what God told Abraham when He called him first?

“You will be a blessing.”

It means that all the peoples on earth will be blessed through Abraham.


Why did God save us and make us His children?

He made us His children, so that we could become healers.


A healer is the one who can make others hear the voice of God and feel the personal touch of God. A healer can restore those who had been hurt and help them feel God’s love for them.


< The change that came over Eun-Pyo’s mother >

A deaconess in my former church was the hardest person to please. She and her husband and her two sons all had gone to the best university in the country, and she was extremely proud. She used to reproach the children in church for their lifestyle and for their lack of ambition. But our God is just and fair in His dealings; her third son went astray during his adolescence and became a troublemaker. He even dyed half of his yellow and the other half red and his speech and behavior were unspeakably bad. Because of this son, the mother began to change. Not knowing how to deal with this rebellious adolescent son, she began to come to the early morning prayer services. He was incorrigible. He failed the college entrance examination two years in a row and finally managed to enter a 2-year college. She was so changed that she confessed her gratitude with “Everything is God’s grace”.

Her way of talking to the students was changed also. She became sympathetic; “You must be having a tough time.” Then, she volunteered to be a Sunday school teacher. What a complete turnaround for her! >


The healer … Who can be the healer?

God is seeking for the healers who will work hard to change others after having been changed themselves.


What about you? Are you willing to live the life of a healer?

Are you willing to use your time in raising up those who have fallen, encouraging those who have been discouraged and wiping away the tears of those who have been disappointed? It is certainly painful to be with those who are hurting. Sometimes you may have to spend more time than originally planned. But … soon you will realize what a great blessing it is to be a healer.


2.  Living the life of a healer


What is the life of a healer? The healers don’t have to be particularly special, but they have a special characteristic; they serve God as their master. The healers are not their own masters anymore; they serve their master and follow the footsteps of their master.


Let us go back to today’s passage.

Realizing the murderous threat from King Saul, David was desperate and didn’t know what to do. He lost the will to go on living. At this time, God sent to him a healer in the name of Jonathan. Then Jonathan told to David the following.


“The hand of my father Saul will not reach you to do harm, and you will be the king of Israel!”


What is Jonathan doing here?

Wasn’t he supposed to follow his father to the throne?

Wasn’t he aware of the glory, the power and the benefits of being the king of Israel?

Why was he willing to give up all those things that people strive to acquire desperately?

These are our questions to him.

But the answer has to be that Jonathan was really serving God as his master.


Therefore, Jonathan was speaking to David with the voice of God.

He was raising David up with the voice of a strong healer who was serving God as his master.


Are you a healer? Are you living your life as a healer?

That means you are serving Jesus as your master while living together with Him in your life.

Even though we claim to have Jesus as our master, our present life has not been changed much from our previous life.

Criticisms, judgments, hurts and divisions are still rampant in our lives, as we don’t realize that they are the standards and values of the outside world.

Even though we attend church regularly, our lives have not changed much from when we belonged to the world.


The life of a healer is the reversal of the life in the outside world.

As soon as a healer begins to serve God as his master, the reversal of the values of the world will take place in his life.


< When the disciples of Jesus saw a person, who had been sick from birth, they asked Jesus, “Rabbi, was his sickness due to the sins of his or his parents?” They were asking this question to Him, because they had been taught by their Rabbis that some people got sick or were born sick because of their sins.

But Jesus had a completely different point of view.

Jesus said that the man’s sickness was not due to any sins of his or his parents, but this had happened so that ‘the work of God’ might be displayed in his life.

Jesus looks at things differently and has a different point of view, because He is the healer.

Therefore, in Jesus Christ, our view of the world has to be reversed. >


Jonathan was showing us the life of a healer and the reversal of the world values.

A church should be the place for displaying the reversal of the world.

Once inside the church, the world and the people of the world should experience the reversal; the wounds are healed and recovered.


I want to share a well-known story that happened among the people of God in church.

< A couple fell in love while in the prostitution business and then they escaped and joined a church. They tried very hard to live faithfully. Not knowing their past, their church welcomed them as good workers. Then, a visitor to the church recognized the woman and told the church members that she had been a prostitute. Suddenly the attitude of the church members changed and they began to reject the woman, and then the couple. In the end, the couple committed suicides together by hanging.

This was a true story. Can a church be the church without the reversal of the world values? >


We should live our lives as healers and the church should be the place where healers are hard at work.

There are too many people who have been hurt or enslaved by the world and we should encourage them to hear the voice of God.

Through us, the reversal of God will take place and the church should be the place for it to happen.


3.  A healer is a transformer.


A transmitter is a person who pours out the pains of his or her own life. Whenever in pain, this person pours out own pain upon others and blames others for his or her own pain. Therefore, this person is just the transmitter of pain and is not going to change.


On the other hand, there is a transformer.

A transformer is a person who changes the things that he or she encounters. Any problems, any hurts or pains will be changed by a transformer.


A transformer will face the pain, fight with the pain and then overcome the pain.

No matter how difficult the situation is, a transformer will conquer the situation.

Afterwards, the pain will be no more, the hurts will be no more, and the sufferings will be no more.


The healers are the transformers and the conquerors of pains.

Are you a transmitter or a transformer?


Take a close look at Jonathan. In today’s passage, Jonathan is clearly a transformer.

He is transforming David’s fear into having faith in the covenant with God.  

While David is fearful, Jonathan is telling him the great things God will do for him.


The most difficult moments of my ministry are when newcomers to the church leave the church before solidifying their faith, before meeting the Living God, or before acquiring the strength to resist the temptation, because they have been hurt by the church. It is a heartbreaking separation, as there is no guarantee that they will ever return to the church.


Why does this sad separation from the church happen?

This happens because of the transmitters in the church. They only transmit their pains, their criticisms and their judgments, without changing anything. They don’t realize how damaging their actions are to another soul.


There are three types of people in a church.

1)  A child – They don’t have solid faith yet.

They don’t know too much about spiritual matters and they are just like children who cannot      digest sold food.


2)  A young adult – Now they have solid faith and their eyes are opened to the spiritual matters.       They are in conflict over their faithful life and worldly life.


3)  A parent – Now they can embrace the young people and the children. They have the patience for the children’s weaknesses or the young people’s wanderings and conflicts, as they have gone through them before.


What is your current status in the church?

Are you the type of a child, a young adult, or a parent?

What type of people does a good church need the most?

I think a good church has a lot people of the parent type.

The people of the parent type are not building their own world of faith nor keeping their faith intact inside of themselves only. They are the transformers.


When numerous spiritual parents, healers and transformers are hard at work in a church, the church is bound to have a revival and make a glorious comeback.








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제목 : The lessons we learn through the family of Jacob
설교일 : 2019.05.12
본문말씀 : Genesis 35:1-8
설교자 : Rev. Eungyong Kim



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