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The testimonies of our lay people

글쓴이 : 관리자 날짜 : 2018-10-25 (목) 02:49 조회 : 213
설교일 : 10.21.2018
설교자 : 3 Lay people
본문말씀 : James 1:12

A testimony by Ms. Heejung Chang at the KUMC of Metro Detroit

“But He knows the way that I take; when He has tested me, I will come forth as gold.” (Job 23:10)

I have believed that every moment in my life is a testimony to the grace of the Lord, but now that I am given an opportunity to deliver my testimony, I am really at a loss about what to say. It is not easy for me to testify about the intervention of the Lord in my life, but by the help of the Lord who has loved and blessed me, I will do my best to give my praise and thanks to the Lord with my testimony.

Laying down everything for the Lord is easier said than done, as I have to relinquish my ego and accept the absolute authority of the Lord in my life. When my heart is cleaned out, the Lord fills it with His Word and His plans. In many aspects of my life, I am still working on ‘laying down everything’ for the Lord.
Having served the church in New York as choir members, my husband I moved to Michigan 25 years ago and found out that this was the best place for raising our children and were thankful to the Lord for leading us here.

But, soon our faithful life suffered, and what we did for our faith was limited to attending the Sunday services only, as we worked very hard all week at our business and my husband spent any free time at the golf course on Sundays. Even though we were assigned a Cell Group, it seemed like too much of a luxury to go to Cell Group meetings, as we needed some rest and I didn’t want to go to the meetings without my husband. Every Sunday at church I would recite ‘I believe in the Communion of Saints’ of the Apostle’s Creed, but I didn’t enjoy any relationship with church members.

When our church announced that they would give out a Bible as a prize to any member who had a perfect attendance at the Cell Group meetings, strangely I was moved by the desire to win this Bible, even though I had my own Bible already at home. Now I know it was the work of the Holy Spirit within me. Just then, we were assigned to a new Cell Group and I began to attend the meetings taking my children with me. Gradually my eyes were opened to the church community and the relationship with other families in my Cell Group began.

As time went on, I was given the opportunity to serve as the Cell Group leader. I had many excuses such as not having the time to serve and not qualified for the job as well as being too much of an introvert to be a leader. In the end, I reluctantly agreed to take the job just to please the Lord by my obedience.

Then, the Lord reached out to me with Proverbs 16:9; “In his heart, a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.” He comforted me and gave me the strength to serve my Cell Group members. I was thankful for their prayers for me and for the help from my husband. Now I realize that serving as a Cell Group leader is the grace and blessing from the Lord and a wonderful experience to work for the Lord’s kingdom on earth.

After my husband and children had their opportunities to go on mission trips, I prayed to be able to participate also in expanding the kingdom of God. Then an opportunity came to me unexpectedly. At first, there were many obstacles, but the intercessory prayers of many church members helped me overcome all the misgivings I had. 

Being convinced of the Lord’s support, I couldn’t hesitate any more. Trusting the Lord to take care of my family and business, I was able to embark on my first mission trip in peace.

It was shocking to see how different the mission field was from my life in U.S., but people there were giving praise to God with glad hearts and I was thankful to be used by the Lord in testifying for Him and preaching the Gospel. Every moment was very touching for me to participate in the Lord’s Great Commission. Ever since my mission trip, my territory has been enlarged and I have resolved to serve the Lord with my heart and soul for the rest of my life.

As a laywoman of this church, I thank the Lord for calling me to ‘lay down everything’ in order to experience working with Him for the expansion of the kingdom of God.

I hope and pray that until my last breath on earth, my life be filled with thanks and praises to God while fulfilling His Word and worshiping Him wherever I am called.

Dear God! My mind is firmly made up; I am going to praise you and sing for you always! 
- Amen -

A testimony by Mr. Sean Lo at the KUMC of Metro Detroit

God is the creator of the earth and the heavens and He so loved me, a sinner, that He sent His one and only Son Jesus to this world and Jesus died on the cross for my redemption. Through the blood of Jesus, I am saved to have eternal life instead of dying for my sins. And now that I am a child of God, He has been with me ever since and I have been guided by the Holy Spirit always.

This confession is my testimony at this moment of my life, but I didn’t have any idea about this precious Gospel 20 years ago. At that time, I certainly didn’t live my life as a child of God, as I was living dangerously as an innocent captive of the powerful of the material world. I may have looked healthy and in control of my life, but I was sick inside. I didn’t know God intimately and I was not familiar with His commandment of ‘love your neighbor as yourself’. I was arrogant and pursuing all the worldly attractive things, while Satan was cheering me on and telling me that I was a success here in U.S. But, I didn’t have any peace from God in my heart and was suffering from restlessness and emptiness which prevented me from bearing any good fruits.

I was born into a non-Christian family and began to go to church solely for the purpose of marrying my wife whose family members were all Christians, and that was 22 years ago. For the first 10 years, even after my baptism, I was still a ‘Sunday Christian’ who attended only Sunday services, As a member of big church, it was easy for me to remain a ‘Sunday Christian’, as I didn’t know too many people in the church and I was the first to head out to the parking lot as soon as the worship service was over.

As I had been really busy at work, going to church on every Sunday became a difficult chore, as I didn’t feel any peace or restoration during the service and the sermons seemed unbearably long. I didn’t know how to worship in spirit and in truth, so the worship service was a habitual formality to me at that time.

But, gradually God worked on me and changed me little by little. First, I began to attend the Wednesday evening services also and then the early morning prayer sessions as well. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, I began to look forward to the worship services and lately I feel so happy to praise the Lord that the time seems to be fleeting during services. Now I feel that God is pleased with me when I worship, as I have been worshiping Him in spirit and in truth.

If I had been left alone, I would have ended in hell as a sinner. But God took pity on me and has changed me to relinquish my ego and let God lead my life. 
Now that I have been reborn, I can see clearly that God wants to bestow upon me the peace that comes from loving Him and knowing God is my Lord. After experiencing His love and care for me, I realize now how much God values each soul and how hard He works to save each of us.

Now, I believe in God of the Trinity and after the truth of Jesus has freed me, I see clearly the reason for my existence, I am just grateful to the grace of God for making me His child, even though I am not worthy.

Not only changing my life, God is also guiding me to devote more on my church ministry. He has given me the opportunities to go on mission trips, so that I could experience working with the missionaries and the natives and worshiping the Lord together with them in the mission fields.

Previously, I was not very happy about being a Cell Group leader or doing other church work, but the message from Rev. Chan Young Jang at the orientation for the Cell Group Leaders shocked me and woke me up. He said that serving as a Cell Group leader was my mission and my ministry, and that if I weren’t willing to do my best, I was free to resign.

After going through the training for the Cell Group leaders, my thinking was changed completely. I gave up my usual dependency on my hard work and my zeal, and I began to rely on the work and grace of the Lord. I remember I used to run away from any task at our church, but now I am ready to obey any assignment by the Holy Spirit, and I feel that I am being changed to be quite mellow about life from my previous edgy personality. Today is the day I am the youngest for the rest of my life, and I want to serve and love the Lord as much as I can, beginning today.

I am ashamed to admit that finally my eyes are opened to the function of the church, which is the body of Jesus Christ and the community of loving and serving others. I still have a long way to go to be mature and I want to apologize for my mistakes and missteps in advance. But, I am expecting my master and shepherd Lord Jesus to lead me throughout my life and teach me through my work for our church. All of you are my family, my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. Thank you! 


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제목 : The eager expectation of God
설교일 : 2019.08.18
본문말씀 : 1 Samuel 9:11-27
설교자 : Rev. Eungyong Kim



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